Creation of Apnavan plantations, construction of buildings, maintenance of buildings and vehicles and observation of national forest festivals are the main components.

Forest Regeneration through creation of AR and ANR plantations, Avenue planting, construction and maintenance of buildings are the main components.

Plantations created under TFC grant during 2009 - 2010 can be viewed here.

National Afforestation Program (NAP):
There are 25 VFMCs under the division: Ankaling, Chingi, Dumkho, Morshing, Sanglem, Lha Gyala, Jigaon-Musaksingh, Western Rupa, Samdrung, Liphakphu, Warangpam, Lungdur, Boha, Dengji, Kalaktang, Samphung, Brokpalangchin, Kamlangchin, Betchilling, Shergaon, Musaksingh, Lumbaktang, Membachur, Chillipam and Jamiri. During the Tenth Plan period, 618.00 hectares plantations were created in eight VFMCs.

The JFM Resolution of Arunachal Pradesh can be downloaded here.

Forest Regeneration through creation of AR, ANR and mixed plantations, entry point activities like construction and improvement of community halls, construction of public toilets, fencing of schools, construction of fish ponds and improvement of gompha are done. Soil and moisture conservation is also done through measures like vegetative check dams.

Revised operational guidelines are issued by the Government of India in 2009 as per which fresh proposals are to be routed through State Forest Development Agency (SFDA).

Also known as Integrated Forest Protection Scheme, assistance to VFMCs and creation of fire lines are done under this scheme. However, this scheme is replaced by Intensification of Forest management.

Intensification of Forest management: 
The Intensification of Forest Management scheme is a revised version of Integrated Forest Protection Scheme that was in operation during the Tenth Five Year Plan and has been allowed to continue in the Eleventh Five Year Plan as well. The main components of the scheme which are of relevance in this division are Forest Fire control and Management and the new components of Protection and Conservation of Sacred Groves and Conservation and Restoration of Unique Vegetation and Ecosystems.

Creation of bamboo plantations and nurseries as well as training of farmers is done.