About 82 cubic meters of illegal timber was seized during 2005 to 2010.  One Maruti Gypsy, one truck and three motor cycles are involved in protection activities through regular patrolling. A network of forest check gates also help in prevention of illegal felling of trees and transport operations of timber and other forest produce. No forest encroachments are reported so far. There are no International forest boundary disputes.

Forest fire in Rupa hills during January, 2011

Forest fires are a serious threat to the hill slopes of this region. The occurrence and intensity of forest fires are high during the dry seasons i.e., October to April, when the long dry season coupled with winds spread the fires to larger areas. They can be caused either naturally through lightening and rubbing of dry bamboos / stones or by man accidentally or intentionally. Topography, weather and availability of inflammable material are various factors which decide the intensity of forest fires.

One of the banners used in awareness campaigns

The Crisis Management Plan of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh aiming at streamlining the activities of different stakeholders in response activities in time of crisis identifies Environment and Forest Department and the Deputy Commissioner as the nodal agencies to handle forest fires. The DFO/DCF and the Deputy Commissioner are the authorities responsible for reporting forest fires. The District level Response team constitutes the Deputy Commissioner as  Chairman, and the Superintendent of Police and the DFO as members. The functions of the response team are quick detection and response by arranging necessary equipments and manpower to tackle fires, immediate action to prevent further spread of fire, spot verification and damage assessment and to take preventive measures whenever necessary especially during the dry seasons.


Protection in Unclassed State Forests (USF) areas would not be complete without understanding the local laws. The large gap between the local community law with regard to natural resource management and the Forest Division in terms of knowledge of law is a point of concern. Documentation of customary laws thus is essential for effective protection. Efforts are underway to document the customary laws regarding natural resource management of various villages.