Past forest management:

Timber harvesting was done in the forests of Shergaon Forest division prior to 1996. The quantity harvested reached a peak of 35340 cubic meters in 1994 – 1995. Post ban, the quantity harvested reached a peak of 1193 cubic meters during 2006 – 2007 against the working scheme allotment of 3376 cubic meters. Difficult terrain, non feasibility of elephants for operations and the ban on pit sawing had made timber harvesting very difficult. Harvesting of non-timber forest produce like Ilicium griffithi, Rubia cordifolia, Acorus calamus, Oroxylum indicum, Calamus species, Swertia chirouta and bamboos was also done earning valuable revenue to the local population and the State Government. Regeneration of approximately 3500 hectares of degraded forests and clear lands was completed during the past 30 years. Forest infrastructure including roads and buildings were created for efficient forest management.

Rain shadow hills near Jigaon

Present forest Management: 

The first working scheme for the management of Shergaon division forests was approved by the Government of India in 2005. The scheme expired in 2010. Draft scheme is submitted for approval. Working Circles like Protection, Rehabilitation cum Eco-restoration, Selection, NTFP, Wildlife Protection and management are proposed. The working scheme for cane management is operational till April, 2014.

The revenue receipts of the Division was Rs. 1,89,710.00 during 2010 - 11, through disposal of seized timber and royalty of NTFP's.



Timber harvesting was done on a permit system prior to the Supreme Court ban on green felling in 1996. Thereafter, tree harvesting is done as per an approved working plan. The working scheme for timber extraction in USF areas expired in 2010. Therefore, the draft working scheme is submitted to the Government of India for approval. 

Non Timber Forest Produce (NTFP):

Harvesting of non timber forest produce like canes is done as per an approved working scheme. Chirouta, Laneru, Star Anise (Litchi) and bamboos are harvested from the forests after scientific assessment of their stock and prescription of sustainable quantities to be extracted very year. On the basis of such prescriptions, permits are issued by this Division for extraction.

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