Experience sharing workshop of refresher trainees (Foresters and Forest Guards) during February 2012

An experience sharing workshop of Foresters and Forest Guards who had undergone refresher training during December 2011 - January 2012 at AP Forest Training Institute, Roing was organized on 16th February 2012 at the Conference Hall of the Divisional Forest Office, Rupa. The aim of the workshop was to share the knowledge gained during the refresher training, clear the doubts, discuss  and brainstorm over latest forestry issues including practical field problems faced by front line staff. This initiative to improve the confidence and image of front line staff through enhancement in knowledge levels on frontier areas as well as practical forestry was primarily intended to improve the interface with the public, enhance basic forestry skills, as well as to consolidate the skills & knowledge gained during the training.  

After discussions involving all refresher trainees, it was decided that the following changes would be introduced in the forestry operations of all ranges.
  1. Seed collection calender for all relevant species was discussed location-wise and decided for various nurseries
  2. Chilling treatment for chirata seeds to be given for 15 days before sowing.
  3. Cow dung and leaf mould should be used in mother beds
  4. Compost pits would be dug in all nurseries
  5. Leaf mould and compost would be prepared all round the year in nurseries
  6. Introduction of black polythene bags in nursery.
  7. Soil media in polybags should necessarily contain soil, sand and cow dung in 1:1:1 ratio
  8. Techniques to prevent uprooting of seedlings during weeding in polybags were discussed
  9. Shade requirements of various species location-wise in different nurseries were discussed
  10. Citronella grass would be tried on a trial basis to check the growth in our weather conditions
  11. Netlon would be purchased for all nurseries for shade purposes
  12. Variable criteria for selection of species for CA and TFC plantations was discussed
  13. Range Officers would ensure that GPS instrument is assigned to every staff for atleast a month on a rotational basis, for improving comfort levels with the instrument
  14. Nurseries would be given topmost priority and all participants would visit all nurseries of Division during April to compare, appreciate and criticize the nurseries of various ranges. 
Thus the inputs received from the training institute was planned to be implemented directly in the field, thus increasing the relevance of frontline staff training.  All the participants appreciated the efforts of the Director, AP Forest Training Institute, Roing in ensuring a practical field oriented training schedule.