Nursery Technology of Taxus baccata

Selection of Stem cuttings
  1. Fifteen to twenty centimeters long
  2. Juvenile stem cuttings with leaves  
  3. Three – four  nodes
  4. About 1.0 cm in diameter
  5. From old trees
  6. During May- June
Too many leaves in the cutting give negative effect because of higher transpiration rate and water deficiency that cause leaf shedding. At the same time, cuttings without leaves root poorly. 

Preparation of Stem cuttings 

The cuttings are dipped in hormonal solution of 10,000 ppm IBA for 18 hours prior to planting. Commercial IBA is available as solvent or water soluble.

Preparation of 10,000 ppm IBA solution:

I. Solvent Soluble IBA: Dissolve 10 grams of IBA in few ml of alcohol (70 percent or more) or rubbing alcohol available in medical stores. Isopropyl alcohol is commonly known as rubbing alcohol and usually comes in 50% pure and 70% pure.  Mix IBA powder with half teaspoon of alcohol and gently shake the container. After the powder has dissolved, do not add the water to the solution; instead, add the solution to distilled water (again available in medical stores) making it up to 1 litre.

II. Water Soluble IBA: It will dissolve directly in water.


 [For Information: 1 ppm = 1 mg / 1 litre; 10 ppm = 10 mg / 1 litre; 100 ppm = 100 mg / 1 litre; 1000 ppm = 1000 mg or 1 g / 1 litre; 10,000 ppm = 10 g / 1 litre]

Nursery Techniques:

These cuttings are planted in the locally prepared beds in a slanting (45 degrees) position. The cuttings should be protected from direct sunlight and high humidity (70 percent) should be maintained by a thatch covering. 

The roots normally appear in six to eight months. A few cuttings could give roots after one year.